Advisory Panel

A community advisory panel has been established to act as liaison between the local community and Grantscape, the accountable body for the community fund.

The panel has until 2021 comprises 7 persons:

A representative of Grampound with Creed Parish Council
The current Cornwall Councillor for this area
5 residents of Grampound with Creed Parish who have stood for election
When the panel was set up in 2013, it was agreed that the elected members would serve for 3 years.

In late 2016, an invitation was made for new panel members to put themselves forward to sit on the panel.

In late 2019, that 3-year term came to an end. Once again, an invitation was extended to any resident of Grampound with Creed to put themselves forward for the panel to serve from 2020. Five residents put themselves forward and the panel is now complete for the next 3 years, see panel members below.

The members of the Grampound Community Fund advisory panel as at 2020 are:

Grampound Parish Council representative: Shirley Turner

Bob Egerton, Cornwall Councillor representative, and panel coordinator

Elected members:
Bryan Coode
Dean Jenkins
Victoria Moorcroft
Jane Sloan
Geoff Hodgson

The panel members are also involved with some groups within the local community and these groups may at some time bid for grants from the funds. When this happens, each panel member will declare their interest when the panel considers the bids and decide on the merits of each case whether or not they should vote on the particular application.

The interests declared by the panel members are as follows:

Bryan Coode: Parochial Church Council.

Bob Egerton: shareholder in the village shop.

Dean Jenkins: Grampound Parochial Church Council, committee member of village shop.

Victoria Moorcroft:

Jane Sloan: Parochial church council, Garden Club.

Shirley Turner: Grampound Parish Council, Old Tannery Residents’ Association (husband), volunteer at shop.

After the 2021 funding round, Bob Egerton has stood down from being a voting member of the panel as he is no longer the Cornwall Councillor for this area. He will, however, continue to act as administrator of the panel ensuring that the annual funding round is advertised and meetings are held to consider applications. Jane Sloan has also stood down from the panel. There are, therefore, two vacancies on the panel. Invitations to join the panel will be issued later in 2021.